Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello? Spring? Are you there?

Ever get that feeling at the end of winter when you're just so fed up? You're sick of jumpers and socks and scarves and boots. They all feel itchy and uncomfortable and heavy and you just want to walk around naked. You're sick of being cold. You find yourself longing to feel sand under your toes, a cotton skirt floating around your legs, the warmth of the sun on your face; to hear the sound of cicadas, the sizzle of the barbecue.
A couple of days ago I was so desperate for spring that I spent my walk home from the train station searching for a sign, any sign of it, and I found a tiny blossom peeking through on an otherwise barren tree. I went to take a photo of it last night, but my battery died, then I went to charge said battery and my charger died, so I can't use my camera right now, which is a little annoying since I've been without it for weeks as my sister's been using it and there are so many things I want to capture right now, but never mind, out comes the credit card for a new charger - I can't be without my camera this close to spring! So the photo above is not mine, it's from here.
It's. Just. So. Close. I smelt it in the air yesterday when we were treated to a rare day of sunshine after weeks of rain and grey skies, and I've decided that I'm over winter. It's time for spring! Seven days to go!

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